AllotMe is Appointment Booking system which helps you to book your appointment in 3-5 clicks, irrespective of your prior registration with us.
This service is for Local Merchant for making things easier using power of Google Local Business. Amount you pay for booking will directly goes to Merchant Account, so we don't have any option for refund.
To Create your account you simply have to book your first appointment, your account will be created automatically. We don't provide registration/ sign-up page for user. For more Check How to Book an Appointment?
Use Google Search to search your local Merchant and you can find appointment button in his profile, click on it and you can see Merchant Dedicated Page with all information.
Using Google Search, search your Merchant, click on Book Appointment. An AllotMe page opens up with your Merchant information.
You can book your appointment in following steps.
  • chevron_right Choose your Date
  • chevron_right Your slot, if available
  • chevron_right Signin Using your Google Account
  • chevron_right Pay your Appointment Fees
  • chevron_right You are done.
Yes. You can book multiple appointment from your account. You can see all your active appointments from your dashboard.
On your dashboard, in your active appointment click Details and then Download Receipt. You can share that receipt with Appointee using email / whatsapp.
If you are already Signin, you can see Dashboard button, if not you can signin using a link present in footer of Merchant Page.
In such situation, you can talk to your Merchant directly.